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  1. Maui Nui Golf Club, Kihei, Hawaii
  2. Blue Shamrock Golf Club, Palmerton, Pa.
  3. Dry Creek Ranch Golf Course, Galt, Calif.
  4. Southern Oaks Golf Club, Burleson, Texas
  5. Bayonet & Black Horse, Seaside, Calif.
  6. The Golden Bear Club At Indigo Run, Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  7. River Islands Golf Club, Kodak, Tenn.
  8. Grande Pines Golf Club, Orlando, Fla.
  9. The Bog, Saukville, Wis.
  10. Union Hills Country Club, Sun City, Ariz.

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Legend of Maui Nui

The Legend has been told, that millions of years ago, the Polynesian Demi-God Maui was belittled by his family as he was not a great fisherman. Maui prayed and received a magical hook to fish the ocean. Maui's brothers teased him and did not want to let him fish, but at last they allowed him to charter the ocean with them. On their fated journey after days of failure to catch nothing but sharks, Maui prayed to the heavens and cast his magical hook into the depths of the ocean and hooked the earth. Maui instructed his brothers to paddle and never look back. After days of fighting the ocean, the line snapped and Maui had pulled the earth to the surface of the water to form the island chain that is now known as Hawaii.


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